What are the jobs of the future?

Many jobs have disappeared and new ones have appeared. Not many years ago we had both shoemakers and tailors, but we don’t regularly see these professions anymore. It is also not that long ago that the internet was a completely unknown thing for most people and mobile phones were reserved for only a few people,whereas today, this is considered to be the norm.

Arbeidere fra fremtiden med yrker som ikke finnes ennå
Arbeidere fra fremtiden med yrker som ikke finnes ennå

Job advertisements of the future

Technology and society are developing, our needs are changing and there are plenty of opportunities. Tasks which previously required specialisation within certain industry sectors, can now be carried out through the use of technology – so what will become the important tasks in the future?

In this article, we will present some of the possible job adverts of the future. Maybe there is something that suits you?

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