Democracy is vulnerable

Many people take democracy for granted, but democracy is rather vulnerable. Several countries in the world are moving from democracy towards a more authoritarian and dictatorial rule. Are there other ways to achieve fair rule than democracy as we know it today?

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Is democracy about to fall?

The political ruling in different countries has made many people disappointed with democracy. Because of economic crises, many leaders want to go back to autocracy, which means that the power belongs to one person or a small group. 

Not enough support

Support for democracy is at its lowest since World War II, especially in the Western world. This means that many citizens do not vote in elections. If it continues like this, only half of the people in the West will vote in five years’ time.

How will we be ruled?

What will happen if democracy disappears? What will replace it? Will it be dictators or perhaps artificial intelligence?

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En mann styrer mange mennesker med tråder.
En mann styrer mange mennesker med tråder.

Have we learned anything from history?

Have we learned anything from history? Most people want to live safely and be able to decide about their own lives. But why do so many people experience the exact opposite?

Different forms of government

Democracy has more often been the exception than the rule. Many countries have been ruled by dictators. Democracy and dictatorship are very different. 

Dictators and oligarchs

Dictators are people who rule a country by themselves. One example is Adolf Hitler in Germany during World War II. 

Oligarchs are a group of people who are in power. Oligarchs can rule a dictatorship. Many of the leaders are brutal and violent. 

Anarchy and meritocracy

In anarchy, no one has superior power. Society is ruled through cooperation and a wish for free will. Meritocracy is very rare. Here, those with special skills are put in charge. 

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En overdimensjonert rød mann ser ned på en stor folkemengde.
En overdimensjonert rød mann ser ned på en stor folkemengde.

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