Freedom of speech – can we say what we like?

Freedom of speech gives us the right to express our opinions. But does that mean that we can say what we want?

Accessibility icon Freedom of speech – can we say what we like?

What is freedom of speech?

Imagine if someone stopped you from expressing your opinion in class, or that you would not be allowed to post something you think is important on social media. Imagine also that criticizing the government was prohibited. What if the news was censored by the state?

In Norway, we rarely need to think about such issues since we live in a full-fledged democracy that safeguards the freedom of speech of citizens.

Freedom of opinion and expression is the right you have to:

  • Express your opinion – as long as it is not hateful or discriminatory
  • Search for, receive and provide information through any media  

Freedom of opinion and expression is protected by Article 19 of the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is supported by the entire world.

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