Global warming

Extreme weather, species becoming extinct and islands disappearing - climate change is serious for both humans and the nature around us. What exactly is global warming, and why is this happening now?

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What is global warming?

Global warming means that the air in the atmosphere, which is a gas layer around the earth, is becoming warmer. This affects the whole planet, and every living being on the planet. In 4.5 million years, our planet has changed a lot. There have been both ice ages and warmer periods. The difference now is that this change is happening very quickly. Since 1880 the atmosphere has become about 0.8°C warmer. Before the end of the 2000s, temperatures may have risen by as much as 2-4 °C.

Many of the world’s largest rivers are about to dry up due to climate change, such as in Australia.

The difference between climate change and global warming

Global warming is the reason for the climate changes we are experiencing today. It is the continuous warming of planet Earth. The rise in temperature throughout the 20th century has been proven. Global warming is caused by the build-up of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

Climate change covers many different things that happen because of global warming. There could, for example, be rising sea levels, melting glaciers, changes in major weather patterns and in the length of the seasons. Climate change is caused by global warming.

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