What is source evaluation?

When you’re scrolling through social media and news articles, you come across different information. You might believe that these articles are true and believable. The same can be said about reading the news online.

Many news articles and research reports are trustworthy, but there are also quite a few that can be made up or fake, also known as ‘fake news’. The sources used to create these news articles are incorrect or lacking information.

En person som sjekker nyhetssider på mobil og PC
En person som sjekker nyhetssider på mobil og PC

Access to large amounts of information comes with major challenges

The internet and social media have given the public access to large amounts of information. It is possible to research and collect large amounts of information in a short period of time and share it with others.

This access has also created major challenges. With Google being used as our main research platform and social media for sharing information, it can become difficult to screen the real news from the fake news.

Skjermpdump av Google
Skjermpdump av Google

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