Ten steps for engaging interviews

Reading, watching, or listening to interviews with other people can arouse different feelings. Some might make you feel inspired, happy, and interested, while others leave you feeling angry or irritated. For the interviewer, the most successful interviews trigger strong feelings in the person being interviewed. The least successful interviews leave the audience bored, uninterested, and unwilling to read, watch or listen to the whole session.

The following tips will teach you how to create interview questions that are interesting for everyone involved.

Blokk og papir
Blokk og papir

1. Understand what you are producing

What is an interview? It is a journalistic category including one person (the interviewer/journalist) having a conversation with another (the interviewee). The goal of the interview is to get interesting information that can be presented to the public later. Once the interview has been completed and finalized, it can be published as a video or audio tape or as a written article. Anyone reading, listening to, or watching the interview should get insight into the voice and personality of the person being interviewed.

Ung kvinnelig journalist intervjuer en ung mann
Ung kvinnelig journalist intervjuer en ung mann

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