Music can change the world

The role of music in society goes back a long way. Music reaches people of all ages throughout the world, and is today an important way to react to both political and social life.

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Music as a mirror of society

Throughout history, music has mirrored the society of its time. Artists and composers have been influenced by the circumstances in their own era to express themselves musically, either to delight or provoke others. Music is used for both happiness and sorrow, or as a reaction to social issues.

The music of the Viking Age

Song and music played an important role in the Viking Age. There was music for celebration, when children were put to bed, or when heavy work was carried out. Even in war the Vikings used musical instruments. They did not write down notes so we have no record of what their melodies sounded like. However, a wide range of their instruments has been discovered. The Vikings played music on bronze lur horns, bone flutes and goat horns. Chiefs and kings manifested their power and strength by surrounding themselves with musicians.

📷  Bronze lur horns discovered in Brudevælte, Denmark in 1797.

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