Who decides what in Norway?

In Norway there are a lot of people who make decisions. However, who really decides on what? The referee in a football game makes decisions, and the judge in a courtroom makes decisions. The king makes decisions on some things. The Storting makes decisions on many things. At school, the headmaster makes decisions and you can make many decisions about your own life.

Accessibility icon Who decides what in Norway?

Who decides on what in Norway?

In Norway there are many people who make decisions. We have something called popular sovereignty, and that means that the people elect those who will make the decisions. Another word for this is democracy. 

Every four years, everyone who is over the age of 18 is able to vote on which parties and politicians sit in the Storting. The Storting is the name of the Norwegian Parliament. These politicians are called elected representatives, and to a large extent, they determine and decide what living in Norway will be like.

Why do you think the voting age is set at 18? Should children also be able to vote?

Norge med små mennesker
Lys varm bakgrunn
Lys varm bakgrunn

The king at the top, me at the bottom

Look at Norway as a ladder. At the top of the ladder we find the king. He is the head of state, but he doesn’t really decide on very much. On the step below the king, there is the Parliamentary President. The Storting is on the next level, and below that we have the government.

Further down the ladder, there are lots of different people who make decisions on various things.

At the bottom of the ladder we find ourselves. We can make quite a lot of decisions about our own life, but to make bigger decisions, we need to climb up the ladder.


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