What are the advantages of gaming? Is Esports really a sport? What can happen to those who become addicted to gaming?

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Fortnite, CA, Minecraft or Roblox. What do you play?

Like all other hobbies, computer games have a culture with their own activities, language, celebrities and history. Often this is about being part of a larger environment where you learn, create and exchange information. In Norway, 96 percent of boys and 76 percent of girls play, but the share of girls is increasing.

En jente sitter foran gaming oppsettet hennes, og tar på hodetelefonene.
En jente sitter foran gaming oppsettet hennes, og tar på hodetelefonene.
Advantages of gaming:

Gaming is a good source of learning and development. If you spend a lot of time on computer games, you can sit back and relax with a good conscience. Gaming is not only fun, it is also useful. Here are six good reasons why:

1. You become better at English

Many games require you to read instructions and communicate with other players in English. Thus, you train your language skills, perhaps without even thinking about it. For some people, English becomes a favorite subject at school because they feel a sense of mastery.

2. You are social and make new contacts

Many games involve cooperation with others, across national borders and languages. With this community, you can feel a sense of belonging and make new friends. Perhaps you are an important contact for someone who doesn’t have many friends from before?

3. You become better at problem solving

In addition to getting better at collaborating with others, you also practice problem solving. There may be ethical issues – for example what is right or wrong. Perhaps your decision will affect the lives of the inhabitants of a city, or the future of one particular character? Or there can be strategic and tactical issues. How can you get the best gear, or defeat an enemy as quickly as possible?

4. Motor skills

When gaming, a high degree of motor skills is often required. You have to be quick and use both hands at the same time. You also develop good hand-eye coordination. These can be excellent qualities for subjects in school like physical education.

5. You learn to cope better with stress

Professional gamers are exposed to the same amount of stress as a top-class race car driver. That’s pretty wild to think about! Regular online gaming is probably not as demanding, but you are affected by the same mechanisms. Keeping calm and carrying out tasks in a calm manner in such situations is a manner of training where you take the experience with you into new settings and future tasks.

6. Train your emotions

Through a long session of gaming, you train your emotions such as empathy, regret, pride, satisfaction, commitment, loss, hopelessness, nervousness, panic, confusion, doubt, frustration, irritation and bitterness. Several of these emotions are quite unique in gaming.

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Jente sitter og gamer i et rom opplyst med lilla farge.
Jente sitter og gamer i et rom opplyst med lilla farge.

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