Get to know each other better

To connect with other people is vital for human beings. How can we get to know the people around us better?

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Getting to know others…

… is very important for people. 

Did you know that already as a newborn, you start to connect with the people close to you? First, your parents, then your brothers and sisters and grandparents, and later on with friends, classmates, teachers and others – or other people you meet. 

To feel like we know other people and that we are not alone is important to everyone. But why is that? And how can we get to know people around us better? We will give you some tips here.

Mor går tur ved en elv på fjellet med baby i bæresele på magen.
Mor går tur ved en elv på fjellet med baby i bæresele på magen.

Research shows

Every year the Norwegian Institute of Public Health finds out what it is that makes us happy. Having good relationships is always at the top of the list. 

When we have good connections with other people, it makes us feel happier. When we have positive experiences, the brain releases different hormones.  These hormones make us feel happier and calmer in general. 

Having friends and family that know you can give you an important feeling of security. It is satisfying to know that you mean something to others. It is also good to be able to share thoughts and feelings with others in a safe place. 

Good relationships can help how you feel about yourself. They can help you understand who you are because your identity is partly formed by the people around you. 

Research shows that if you are in a difficult situation and get support from the people around you, you will do better.

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To par hender holder et rødt hjerte sammen.
To par hender holder et rødt hjerte sammen.

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