The wizard Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a skilled inventor who has been called «the wizard of the West». He showed us the opportunities electricity gives us in everyday life. He is most famously known for inventing the alternating current. It is the current that comes out of the sockets in your home, and ensures that there is light in your house. When you plug in a computer, or switch on your television, send a ‘thank you’ to Tesla!

Portrett av Nikola Tesla
Portrett av Nikola Tesla

Born in Croatia

Tesla was born in the small village of Smiljan in what is now known as Croatia in 1856 (then the Austrian Empire). In 1875 he began studying engineering, and he chose to study the possibilities of the alternating current.

When Tesla finished his studies in 1881, he became the chief engineer of the Hungarian national telephone company. He later began working for Thomas Edison – who developed the light bulb – first in Paris, and then later in the US.

Nikola Tesla med utstyret hans
Nikola Tesla med utstyret hans

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