What is ideology?

Managing a society is similar to managing a machine with multiple different cogs. Each cog is important. If one gets stuck, the whole machine will cease to work.

An ideology consists of the political principles for how a society should be organised and governed. Those who govern in the spirit of a certain ideology want all of that society to be run accordingly. It is a system of ideas and ideals which form the basis of sociopolitical life.

An ideology will utilise many means to achieve its goals. This could be through revolution or war, or through democratic processes.

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Man’s place in life

Ideologies can explain man’s place in life and society. Things that happened in the past will have an impact on the future. Different ideologies lay out different views on how we should live together and how society should be organised.

It is equally important that we find solutions to the distribution of power, benefits, and burdens within society. The benefits are the advantages one has in a given society, and the burdens are things that are challenging and demanding.

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