Why do we celebrate Easter?

The beginning of Easter is found in the story of the Israelites and their escape from Egypt. In Christianity, Easter has become a holiday to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. But Easter is also about Easter eggs, cabin trips, crime books and holidays.

Påskebakgrunn med påskeegg
Påskebakgrunn med påskeegg


Lent is the time before Easter. Fsting, which means avoiding everything that is not strictly necessary, is part of Lent. In earlier times, fasting was more important than in our time, although many people still decide to fast today. Lent lasts from Ash Wednesday, six weeks before Easter, to Friday at Easter. There are forty-two days, which is as long as Jesus fasted in the desert, according to the New Testament.

During Lent, people were supposed to eat very little and reflect on the message of Easter. In the days leading up to Lent people could feast and enjoy food as they pleased. Celebrations and Mardi Gras, a French term meaning “Fat Tuesday” took place in this period. Many people still enjoy celebrating this tradition.

The period leading up to Lent is called Shrovetide. The first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday. On this day some people wear ashes on their head. The ashes symbolize penance and the dust God made people out of. The ashes sometimes come from palm branches that were burned after Palm Sunday in the previous year.

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